1. Applicant should apply in person/through courier/through a friend/relative with authority letter from the applicant.
2. Applicant should be a resident in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Eritrea or Burundi.
3. Application on Form A&B (one copy filled in, signed and thumbed on both sides).
4. Three latest passport photographs with light blue background.
5. Computerized National Identity Card/NICOP (Original+one copy).
6. CRC or Registration form B/RG-II for children under 18 years old (Original+one copy).
7. Present Passport (Original+one copy)
8. Residential Permit of the country of stay (Original+one copy)
9. Fee Kshs: 4,050/- or US $45/- (Ordinary - to be delivered on the 8th day)
10. Fee Kshs: 6,750/- or US $75/- (Urgent - to be delivered next day)

      Download Passport Form Person Under 12

      Download Passport Form Person Over 12

Requirement for issuance of passport against Lost Passport:

1. Original Police Report/Abstract indicating loss of passport
2. Report of Loss of Passport by the applicant
3. Application Form A (for above 12 years) and
4. Form B (For 12 years and below).
5. 4 color photos with light blue background (Passport Size)
6. Copy of Lost/previous passport (first 4 pages).
7. Original NICOP, CNIC or old NIC with copy (For 18 yrs & above).
8. Original NICOP, CRC, old B Form or Birth Registration Certificate of the Mission with copy (for below 18 years).

- If lost passport was not issued from Nairobi a minimum of 6-8 weeks are required for verification of particulars.
- Restricted validity passport will be issued in case of old NIC / B Form / Birth Regn Certificate.

Fees and Delivery:    

First time loss:             Kshs. 8,100/= (Ordinary - after seven days).
                                   Kshs. 13,500/= (Urgent - next day)
Second time loss:         Kshs. 16,200/= (Ordinary - after seven days)
                                   Kshs. 27,000/= (Urgent - next day)

Third time loss:  Emergency Passport will be issued for Repatriation.

(fee to be deposited in Pakistan High Commission's account being maintained in Habib Bank Limited, Nairobi / Mombasa).

Please be informed that Habib Bank Limited does not accept payments into our account without our explicit authorization in each case. Authorization coupons are to be collected from the High Commission before visiting the bank to deposit the fee.

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