1. One prescribed application form duly filled in along with copy of passport and two passport size photographs with a blue background.

2. Copy of Resident Visa (for other than residents of Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Eritrea, Somalia or Burundi).

3. Applicant should apply in person or through relative/friend (with authority letter).

4. Applicant should be resident in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Eritrea, Somalia and Burundi.

5. Return air-ticket showing onward journey in case of transit visa.

6. International Certificate of Vaccination against Yellow Fever.

7. A letter from the employer/guardian.

8. One year bank statement along with employer's letter and confirmed hotel booking in Pakistan in case of tourist/visit visa.

9. A letter from the local Chamber of Commerece and Industry, Firm/Business Profile and Invitation Letter from the counterpart in Pakistan, if travelling for Business purpose. A bank statement for the past six months duly verified by the bank is also required.

10. A Note Verbale from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of concerned Mission in case of holding Diplomatic/Official passport. If holding UN Laissez-Passer, a note Verbale from UN office is required.

11. Study visas are issued only on receipt of admission letter/No Objection Certificate from the ministry of Interior, Islamabad.

12. When one parent is travelling with children, no objection from the other parent, in writing with copy of ID, is required.

13. Fee (charged on the basis of reciprocity).

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Note: Any type of visa issued (Tourist/Study/Family/Tabligh) cannot be converted into any other type of visa after entry into Pakistan except for business and work visas which are inter-convertable.

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