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Message By The Foreign Minister Of Pakistan On Youm-E-EIstehsal (August 5, 2020)  


 One year ago, the Indian Government undertook illegal and unilateral actions to perpetuate its occupation of Indian illegally Occupied Jammu & Kashmir (IIOJK) and further disempower and disenfranchise the Kashmiri people. The illegal Indian actions were also aimed at changing the demographic structure of IIOJK to fulfil the RSS-BJP ‘Hidutva’agneda in violation of the United Nations Sedulity Council Resolutions and internal law, particularly the 4th Geneva Convention.


The BJP regime believed that; the wold would not noetic this mutilation of justice; over 900,000 Indian occupation forces will silence the Kashmiri through brutalization; and that Pakistan will accept the new status quo. On all counts, India has been proven wrong.


The international community, human rights originations media and civil society have been vocal in their condemnation of India’s unconcealed absolutism. Parliamentarians of major wold powers have written to their leadership and moved resolutions condemning India’s actions. Major world leaders have stood by the Kashmiris, the United Nations Special Mandate Holders have called out the  Indian government on its anti-minority policies, and he United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has discussed the issue of Jammu & Kashmir three times during the past one year after a gap of more than 55 years.


The internal coumuity must do more and back its words with concrete actions for the innocent Kashmiri people who have been subjected to arbitrary arrests, detentions, torture, corporal punishment,  extra-judicial killings, digital lockdown and a military siege in Indian illegally Occupied Jammu & Kashmir for over twelve months. For a large part of the global population, to continue to have faith in international justice, it is imperative that India is held accountable for its unconscionable actions since 5 August 2019.


The world community must press India to revoke al draconian laws, allow neutral observers, international human rights and humanitarian organizations and the international media to visit the occupied region to ascertain the condition of the Kashmiri people, and let the Kashmiris exercise their right to self-determination in accordance with the relevant UNSC Resolutiosn.


In the end, let me reiterate that Pakistan will continue its unstinted support for the Kashmiri people until the achievement of their legitimate right t to self-determination in accordance with the UNSC Resolutions and as per the wishes of the Kashmiri people.




August 05, 2020              

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